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Interior Design & Home Organization for any room in your home,

new or exsiting. 

Please contact me for pricing of services.


  • Organization & Downsizing

I can assist you with organizing your home and/or prepare for the next stage in your life .​

  • Home Staging 

If you are having a difficulty selling your home or renting your property, staging may be what you need to get the right person interested.

  • Re-Design

This type of design service works with what you already own (furniture, fixtures and decor).  By adding a few new pieces, your space will feel new and fresh.

  • Paint & Finish Selections 

I will work closely with you to select paint colors and finishes, such as flooring, decor, wallcovering, window treatments, etc.

  • Floorplans, Elevations & 3D Renderings

I can help plan your space with 2D and 3D renderings for an upcoming renovation or new space plan.​

  • Renovations & Remodels 

When planning for a remodel or renovation, there are many factors to consider before starting construction.  I can help plan your project and layout exactly what you're looking for in your new space.  This information can then be taken to a contractor for an estimate and convey the design you're looking to achieve.​​

  • DIY Assistance

If you have the skills to complete your remodel/renovation without a contractor, but still need help with the design, I can work with you to create the room of your dreams.​

  • Kitchen & Bathroom Design

I am skilled in laying out kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and fixtures.  I can create custom detailed kitchen & bath design plans and concepts to bring to your contractor and supplier.​

  • Design Concept Boards

If you are unsure of the look you want to achieve, a Design Concept Board can show your space with images and color swatches.  Also, a design board will get you started on the project by narrowing down a design style.

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